10 Most Popular Dinner Recipes

dinner recipes

Dinner is the most important meal of the day. It gives us a chance to spend time with our families and friends, share stories from our day, and enjoy each other’s company before we head off into the night. So, we will share with you the ten most popular dinner recipes that people consider cooking for dinner.

Some of these dinner recipes are more appealing to kids, while others appeal more to adults. Since dinner is a family affair, it’s important to find something that everyone enjoys eating at least once in a while.

1. Turkey dinner recipes

Dinner Recipes

It makes sense that turkey dinner recipes would be one of the most popular dinner ideas since there are some great-tasting dishes that can be made with an oven-ready bird. This baked turkey dinner recipe is a ten-minute prep time effort that serves four to eight people (depending on which preparation you choose). If you like more flavor in your turkey dinner, this maple-roasted glazed turkey dinner recipe will get rave reviews from all your dinner guests.

2. Spaghetti dinner recipes

Dinner Recipes

Spaghetti dinner recipes are another favorite for families because they are so versatile and easy to prepare. This quick spaghetti dinner recipe will get on the table in less than half an hour using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. If you love Italian food, try our homemade spaghetti dinner recipe that is made with a rich meaty sauce that’s sure to satisfy your craving.

3. Mexican dinner recipes

Mexican dinner recipes are one of the best dinner ideas out there because they offer so many options for everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. If you’re looking for a low-carb dinner option, this healthy taco salad dinner recipe has no tortilla shell required and it feeds a crowd! For those who like it hot, check out these cheesy beef enchiladas dinner recipes.

4. Vegan dinner recipes

Vegan dinner recipes provide people who cannot eat other protein sources with some great dining options as well as health benefits. This oven-roasted dinner recipe is made with vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. There’s no dairy or meat required to make this dinner, so it’s perfect for vegans. Get started with this dinner idea today!

5. Pasta dinner recipes

If you have a large family or often have guests, pasta dinner recipes are great dinner ideas because they feed so many people easily without breaking the bank on expensive ingredients. This dinner for eight has all of your favorite Italian flavors served up nice and easy using only six dishes to wash after dinner is finished.

6. Chicken dinner recipes

Chicken dinner recipes are considered one of the most popular dinner options because it is relatively inexpensive, healthy, and versatile. This roasted chicken dinner recipe is a perfect dinner idea for four on any night of the week. If you’re looking to add some fun, try this dinner recipe that has an Italian twist!

7. Spanish dinner recipes

Spanish dinner recipes are great dinner ideas because they are known for their hearty flavors. There’s nothing like a nice bowl of paella to warm you up on a cold night. Try this dinner recipe that uses chicken, shrimp, and sausage in one pot! If you’re looking to try something different with fewer ingredients, give these homemade Spanish tortilla dinner recipes a shot.

8. Crock-Pot dinner recipes

Crock-Pot dinner recipes are very popular dinner options because they have all the convenience of being placed in the crock-pot before work, coming home to find dinner already prepared, and enjoying spending time with family without worrying about making dinner. This crock-pot breakfast burrito is perfect for those who like to wake up and eat dinner as a family. There’s nothing like a hot meal waiting for you when you come home from work! Try this dinner recipe that cooks all day in the crock-pot.

9. Seafood dinner recipes

Seafood dinner recipes are sometimes not considered as popular dinner ideas because they can be a little more expensive, but there are a wide variety of seafood dishes available for those who want to try something different. This dinner recipe is fit for a king with its creamy scallop garlic sauce over pasta. If seafood isn’t your favorite, try our healthy baked fish dinner recipe instead!

10. Pizza dinner recipes

Pizza dinner recipes wouldn’t be one of the most popular dinner ideas without offering so many dinner options! This dinner recipe makes dinner time fun for everyone with its choice of classic, artisan, or gluten-free crust. If you’re looking for dinner ideas to feed a crowd, pizza dinner recipes are perfect because there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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