3 Delicious Dinner Ideas For Family You Will Love

healthy dinner ideas for family

One of the best healthy dinner ideas for family is to prepare a home cooked, low fat, low calorie and oh so delicious spaghetti for dinner. If you love pasta, then this is one of the easiest and most tasty dinner recipes that you can make. All it takes is a fresh spiral slicer, some whole grain pasta and a little olive oil. You also need a nice tossed salad. This is one of the classic Italian recipes that is always a hit at any family gatherings.

Another one of the healthy family dinners is to cook quiche for the main course. This can be done with a variety of vegetables, fish or chicken and comes in all different flavors and textures. Try a sweet potato quiche if you are looking for a dessert. These can be made by simply following a recipe.

An Overview

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For lunchtime meals, I love to make a delicious stir fry. If you are looking for a healthy but still flavorful option, use jalapeno peppers instead of the tomatoes. Use a quarter teaspoon of Cayenne pepper and cook until it becomes tender. If you want a thicker consistency, add some water or milk to help thicken.

For dinner, I love to cook a chicken breast with broccoli. I start by cooking the chicken breast in olive oil. Once it is done, I brown it in a skillet with a bit of oregano and sage. If you have trouble finding these ingredients in your local grocery store, you can substitute them in a bulk food store. Once done, I chop up the broccoli into florets.

Delicious Family Dinner Ideas

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For desserts, creamy soups and pies are always a hit. If you are in a hurry, you can always throw in a frozen pie from the store or make one with freeze dried fruit. If you like your meals sweet, you can always add some dessert spices and nuts to the mixture. For example, cinnamon and nutmeg will make a delicious dessert when mixed together. You can also add vanilla or yogurt to your soups for that extra sweet touch.

One of my favorite meals is a family favorite – spaghetti and meatballs! This is a hearty yet healthy meal that you and your kids will love. You can find this entire dinner in a grocery story, but you may also want to purchase a pasta maker so that you can make it yourself instead of simply purchasing it at the store. Use a spiral blender or a small food processor to make the spaghetti.

Another one of my go to dinner ideas for family meals is enchiladas. This is a quick and easy dinner that can be cooked in a skillet or on the oven. I typically include some fresh salsa and chopped vegetables along with the enchilada sauce.

When you are planning a meal, you have so many choices that you can make for family meals. These healthy meals are simple to make and you can even use a pre-made recipe to make it even easier. The key is to not skip any step and to try to put something in the meal that everyone will love. Once you start experimenting with different recipes, you will see that there are some delicious and easy recipes out there for you and your family.

One idea that is really tasty is a Mexican-inspired meal. If you cannot find Mexican inspired dishes in your local stores, then simply create your own. All you need for this dinner is some ground beef, refried beans, and your favorite Mexican sauce. Simply mix up the ingredients and cook the beef in the refried beans for an easy and delicious dinner. You could also add some tomatoes, green onions, and black pepper to the sauce to give it that nice kick you need to prepare for your dinner.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many healthy meals that you can prepare that your family will love. By simply creating your own recipes, you can make delicious and healthy meals that your family will enjoy throughout the week. Keep cooking up and try out some of these recipes today!

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