35 Trendy Kitchen Tools You Need For an Enjoyable, Cooking Experience

Are you a kitchen pro, or still working on improving your skills in the kitchen? Oh well, then you’ve come to the right page! We have prepared you a list of the trendy kitchen tools to make your cooking and baking easier, safer, and a lot more fun! What’s more, these tools will make perfect presents for your loved ones and friends, whether for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or holidays

1.12PCS Mini Ant Fruit Design Fork

Are you looking for a more exciting and fun decoration for your pastries? This tableware kitchen accessory can be a great choice! What’s unique about this tool is that it shows an artificial ant carrying your pastries which is a cute way to serve your sweet pastries to your guests.

2.  2-in-1 Pepper Chili Bell Jalapeno Seed Remover And Slicer

You can now easily remove the seeds of your Jalapeno using this tool which is also great for coring pepper chili. Get this in available colors of green and yellow!

3. Automatic Frozen Fruit Dessert Machine

Make a healthy dessert for the whole family with the help of this machine! This Automatic Frozen Fruit Dessert Machine purees fruits in an instant, making it ideal in making ice cream and yogurt as well.  This tool works great with bananas, mango, avocado, berries, kiwis, pineapples, peaches, and even chocolates.

4. Bamboo Steamer for Fish Rice Vegetable Snack Basket Set

Use this Bamboo Steamer for Fish Rice Vegetable Snack Basket Set as a great steamer for fish, vegetables, dumplings, couscous, and the likes. It is also easy to use, just place the food that you want to steam and put in a pan with water and you’re set!

5. Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cup

This is not just one of the trendy kitchen tools but one of the most important as well. This allows you to have an accurate measurement of liquids. It can be used on gas stoves, microwaves, electric, ceramic stoves, oven, and refrigerator. It is clear and transparent so the measures are easy to spot-on. Plus, this measuring cup is a guaranteed non-porous glass so it doesn’t absorb any stains or odors. It has a wide mouth so you can easily pour liquids to other containers.

6. Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

Our set contains a classy kitchen knife that does the job perfectly. It comes in two different sets: 5 piece set and a 3 piece set. Grab this set and makes cutting your food in style!

7. Cheese Melter Pan

The Cheese Melter Pan is a cool pan that conveniently lets you melt the cheese in the most convenient manner! It is ideal to use for pasta, bread, and even pizza and made with durable materials that ensure to last long!

8. Citrus Zester and Cheese Grater

Our Citrus Zester and Cheese Grater comes with a comfortable and non-slip handle designed with a unique curve side. It allows you to apply force when needed. This is a good replacement for your bulky, unsafe and hard-to-clean box grater.

9. Cute Cartoon Character Lunch Box for Kids

Make your kids a happy lunch with this cute lunch box! This adorable lunch box is made with food-grade material, microwaveable, and is proven safe for kids. It comes with health and environmental protection. It is durable and has a leak-proof lock system.

10. Double-Layer Lazy Snack Bowl

Store foods and healthy snacks in a stylish way with this Double-Layer Lazy Snack Bowl that comes with a toothpick cartridge in it. It is double-layer so it’s more convenient to wash and drain the foods. While eating, you can put your phone on the cartridge for more entertainment and leisure. It also has underground disposal to avoid the mess.

11. Durable Wooden Spoon for Kitchen

Upgrade your spatula! Try our durable Wooden Spoon that is made of high-quality wooden material. It is also non-toxic, durable, and suitable for events like birthdays, parties, etc. It has an anti-erosion feature and is a great gift for loved ones and friends. 

12. Easy Grip Fruit Juice Sprayer

This Portable Fruit Juice Citrus Sprayer comes very handy and easy to use. It features an easy insert squeezer. This also can be used as a sealing machine.

13. Egg Slicers Manual Food Processors

Cut your hard-boiled eggs in the most convenient way with the help of this egg cutter. It is easy to use, clean and wash. Moreover, it is very handy, and small in size so it is easy to store and even carry around.

14. Fish Scale Peeler

Prepare fresh fish with ease with the help of this kitchen tool that can make fish scale peeling no sweat and easy! This is a modern designed fish scale peeler that is not messy to use and comes with a fish scale storage so fish scales won’t fly around all over your kitchen when you peel.

15. Foldable Basket Strainer

You need a foldable strainer that makes it easier for you to drain water or any liquid from the food. Our Foldable Basket Strainer starts off as a flat strainer and then expands to a basket when you need to cook, boil, and deep fry.

16. French Fries Potato Slicer

This French Fries Potato Slicer is made durable and of high-quality material. It is designed to effortlessly cut potatoes as it comes with a great handle for easy operation, thus maximizes potatoes and lessens waste too.

17. Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

Get this juicer to help extract the liquid from the pulp of your fruits and vegetables. It rotates much slower which means that it preserves the most nutritional value of your fruits and veggies. It is made from Tritan material which makes it dishwashable.

18. Fruit and Vegetable Spiral Slicer

With the size of 10 x 4 cm, this Fruit and Vegetable Spiral Slicer is made of high-quality PP materials. Use this tool to rotate slices of fruits and vegetables. It can also be used as decorative cutting and carving tools.

This slicer has a multi-functional spiral knife, guaranteed to last for many years despite using it intensively in your day-to-day use. It is easy to operate and clean too. With a weight of 5g, this Fruit and Vegetable Spiral Slicer is lightweight and one of the cool and trendy kitchen tools to use when it comes to food party preparation.

19. Heavy-Duty None Slip Nut Cracker

You will never go wrong with this Heavy Duty None Slip NutCracker. It is spring-loaded making it very simple to use for all kinds of nuts, whether walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts. It comes with a non-slip design which makes it safer to use than other types of nutcrackers.

20. Kitchen Baking Oil Cooking Spray

This Kitchen Baking Oil Cooking Spray is made of top-quality material that is eco-friendly and BPA free. It is functional and can be used with oil, fruit juice, wine, and salad dressings. 

21. Large Spoon Kitchen Strainer

Our Large Spoon Kitchen Strainer is made from high quality, safe and eco-friendly material. This tool is just so perfect for frying and draining food. Use this to drain food straight from the cooking container. On top of these, this strainer is lightweight for convenient use.

22. Long Handle Scoop Spatula for Soup and Straining

Get this handy kitchen tool and never have to worry about straining food or scooping soup again. This spatula is guaranteed eco-friendly and reduces friction to prevent bacterial growth.

23. Mini Food Dehydrator Machine

This machine lets you create dried fruits at the comforts of your home. It has a user-friendly design that features an exquisite knob, food-grade material, ventilation cover, bottom vent, and anti-slip mat. It’s multifunctional so it can be used for fruits, tea and pet snacks too. It is no wonder that this incredible tool made it our trendy kitchen tools list.

24. Multi-function Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brush

You need this tool to prepare your food clean and safe! This Multi-function Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brush is easy to use. It can clean most fruits and vegetables with convenience as it comes with an effective anti-skid mat. 

25. Multi-Functional Vegetable Grater Kitchen Tool

Peel and grate your vegetables like a pro and finish it with finesse using this Multi-Functional Vegetable Grater Kitchen Tool. This is very easy to use as it is lightweight and dishwasher safe too.

26. Multifunctional Food Slicer/Strainer

This is a multifunctional slicer that has four different uses: shred, slice, grind, and flower pieces.

Comes with a paring knife, you will love its strainer function as well as a bowl container. Use this kitchen tool to slice, grind and cut fruits and vegetables and it will fall neatly in the bowl.

27. Multipurpose Revolving Grater

Enjoy an easy grating experience with this Multipurpose Revolving Grater’s unique mechanism! Use this kitchen tool for cheese, butter, ginger, chocolates, and even nuts.

28. Plastic Tofu Press Mold

Create your own tofu at home with the help of this plastic tofu mold! With this amazing kitchen tool, you can be sure that your tofu has the best ingredients and can adjust to your own liking. 

29. Pull String Food Chopper and Mixer

Cut and mix food ingredients quickly and easily with the help of this food chopper/mixer! Suitable for garlic, onions, pepper, herbs this mixer does not need electricity for it to work as you just pull the string and it works instantly!

30. Reusable and Non-stick Silicone Cooking Mat

Having a barbecue party? Grab this Reusable and Non-stick Silicone Cooking Mat which is suitable for an outdoor barbecue party.

31. Stainless Steel Chopper Slicer Cutter Cooking Tool

This is one of the trendy kitchen tools that can make your life easy when it comes to preparing your ingredients! It boasts a 360 degrees rotating blade that makes cutting garlic, onions, herbs, and other food ingredients faster and easier.

32. Stainless Steel Finger Guard Kitchen Tool

Keep your fingers safe from wounds no matter what you are cutting with this finger guard. Now you can chop and mince your ingredients faster knowing that our fingers are 100% protected.

33. Stainless Steel Manual Lemon Squeezer

One of the trendy kitchen tools to have in your kitchen is the Stainless Steel Manual Lemon Squeezer which allows you to squeeze your oranges or lemons easily.

34. Vegetable Container Box

This Vegetable Container Box is made of 100% brand new and high-quality PP Material. It is best suited to store your fruits and vegetables and keeping them fresh. Weighing about 63g,  this box is so lightweight and easy to carry.

35. WORTHBUY Stainless Steel Manual Garlic Crusher Chopper

Achieve that hassle-free garlic chopping with this stainless steel crusher chopper. All you have to do is just press for quick grinding. This tool saves you a lot of time and effort.

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