5 Yummy And Delicious Picnic Dinner Ideas For Families

picnic dinner ideas for family

Planning a picnic with the family means an extra burden for moms. Kids will ask for something delicious, and you may choose healthier options. The whole fun will be ruined if the food does not have both these elements. So, what to cook for a picnic? No idea; get the best picnic dinner ideas for families here.

These are easy, delicious, and healthy.

5 Quick Picnic Dinner Ideas For Families

Sandwich Food

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The best food for the picnic mood is a sandwich. They are simple, and you can be experimental with the ingredients—a Caprese sandwich with creamy mozzarella cheese inside and healthy basil on the top. Or a chickpea salad sandwich with crisp veggies and yummy filling will bring water into everyone’s mouth.

Salad For Picnic

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This one may sound boring, but salads are great picnic dinner ideas for families. Try the Dijon mustard egg salad with some chives, tofu, and lemon zest. Replace the egg with veggies if you are vegan. Here are some salad ideas for a picnic you can try:

  • Broccoli pasta salad
  • Cherry tomato salad with couscous
  • Chickpea salad in Mediterranean style with the sweetness of Medjool dates
  • Spicy radish and green pesto salad

Summer Rolls For Quick Hunger

Pack flavors of summer in spring rolls with avocado fillings. Enjoy with coconut-basil dipping sauce. A spinach hummus wrap would be a better alternative. You can also try a quinoa veggie wrap or chickpea salad lettuce wraps.

Salsa Ideas For Picnic

No food is delicious without a good salsa. This adds freshness and a little bit of spice to even boring food, isn’t it? So here are some easy to made and quick salsa picnic dinner ideas for families:

  • Tangy tomatillo salsa
  • Sweet and spicy mango salsa for summer
  • One-minute pineapple salsa


Don’t forget to pack some cookies for the kids. But make sure you are not serving them extra carbs and calories. Here are some homemade cookie ideas you can try instead of store-bought cookies.

  • Homemade peanut butter cookies
  • Lemon cookies
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Chocolate chip cookies

These were some quick picnic foods you can pack for dinner when going out for fun with your family. We have got a bonus recipe for you at the end. Check it out here.

Italian Stuffed Loaf- Best Of All Picnic Dinner Ideas For Families

  1. Ingredients:
  2. Marinated artichoke hearts- 1 cup
  3. 2 sliced tomatoes
  4. Half lb. fresh mozzarella cheese
  5. Fresh basil
  6. Ground black pepper
  7. Ham- 1/3 lb
  8. Sourdough boule- 1 large
  9. Provolone slices- 1/4 lb
  10. Salami- 1/3 lb
  11. Butterhead lettuce- 2 cup
  12. Vinegar
  13. Extra-virgin olive oil
  14. Kosher salt


Slice the boule in two halves and create some space by scooping some bread. Put the sliced ham, tomato, artichoke, provolone, and cheese. Season it with spices and drizzle a few drops of oil. Cover with herbs and lettuce. Put the other half of the boule at the top, and your Italian stuffed loaf is ready to eat.

Must-try these yummy picnic dinner ideas for families.

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