7 Best Vegan Dinner Recipe Ideas

Best Vegan Dinner Recipe Ideas

Whether you hate chicken or consume dairy-free products, preparing vegan dishes can be a bit tricky for you. When it comes to vegan dinner ideas, you may feel you have only a few options. Well, vegan food can never be boring if you know the alternatives to their non-vegan ingredients. To help you do your dinner planning without putting much effort, we have brought some of the best vegan dinner recipe ideas for you.

Vegetable Spaghetti Noodles

Noodles are always a great option for dinner. Prepare vegetable spaghetti noodles using seasonal vegetables such as peas, bell peppers, onions, and carrots. Use ginger sesame sauce for this noodle recipe to make it flavorful. Prepare the sauce with sesame oil, soy sauce, honey, ginger, extra-virgin olive oil, and chili garlic sauce. Top the noodles with fresh cilantro and serve with ketchup.

Best Vegan Dinner Recipe
7 Best Vegan Dinner Recipe Ideas

Jalapeno Broccoli Soup 

This is the best vegan dinner recipe for broccoli cum soup lovers. Make this healthy and tasty soup by sautéing some peppers along with garlic and onion in a pan. Add the veggie broth along with spices, water, and broccoli. Use herbs of your choices. Cook this mixture until broccoli is soft. Take out half of the broccoli and broth from this mixture and blend with cashews and baby spinach in a blender. Return this mixture to the pan and cook until fragrant. Sauté some cumin seeds, corn, and jalapeno in a separate pan and pour over the soup.

Mushroom Burger 

What can be a healthy version of a burger than a mushroom burger? Make mushroom burgers with carrot slaw and grilled mushrooms brushed with miso sauce and stuff them in between the grilled burgers. Prepare miso sauce with miso, hot chili sauce, sesame oil, salt, and pepper. Make carrot slaw with grated carrot, cucumbers, onions, rice vinegar, salt, sugar, and sesame seeds.

Tofu Pad Thai

Make sweet and spicy noodles called Tofu Pad Thai that includes fried tofu. This noodle dish gets its sweet taste from tamarind which is mixed with chili garlic sauce, sugar, and juice of a lemon. Tofu is gently fried with chili flakes and garlic and then is tossed with tamarind sauce, noodles and veggies. Use vegetables like beans, green onions, and peppers for these noodles. At last, garnish the noodles with peanuts, carrot ribbons, and fresh cilantro leaves. You can also use some peanut sauce for garnishing.

Sesame Zucchini Noodles

Turn the traditional noodle recipe with the best vegan dinner recipe like sesame zucchini noodles. Take spiralized zucchini and toss it with sesame oil, garlic cloves, seasoned rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Sprinkle some crushed red peppers and garnish with cilantro. You can also garnish the zucchini salad with toasted sesame seeds as well as a handful of peanuts.

Mushroom & Beet Salad

Best Vegan Dinner Recipe Ideas
7 Best Vegan Dinner Recipe Ideas

If you love mushrooms how about delighting your taste buds with mushroom & beet salad? For this salad recipe, make a dressing with shallots, olive oil, lime juice, and spices. Take cooked beets, roasted mushrooms, and cooked baby kale on a plate and pour the dressing over top. You can also add some sliced avocados and corn in the salad.

Fajita Veggies

A bowl of grilled Fajita veggies perfectly complements tortillas or rice at the dinner table. Make the bowl by grilling mushrooms, onion wedges, and bell peppers. Coat the veggies with a marinade made with oil, cumin, chili flakes, and garlic powder. Drizzle some lime juice on the grilled vegetables and also sprinkle some salt and black pepper. Serve on a large platter along with tortillas.

Do your dinner meal planning with these recipe ideas and surprise everyone at the dinner table!

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