Best Vegan Healthy Dinner Recipe

vegan healthy dinner recipe

Veganism has been dominating food industries that recipes to customize popular dishes for the vegan audience have been taken up. The general audience has opened its welcoming arms to invite the vegan audience and create new recipes for them. Veganism is one of the certified diet programs to reduce heart problems risk. With time, its dominance has excellently brought into the spotlight the ideas for new recipes. Across the world, plenty of indigenous popular recipes have been turned vegan to suit their niche audience. However many they may be, there’s always the need for new recipes for all kinds of dietary programs. 

And therefore here we have few of the best vegan healthy dinner recipes for you to try at home and treat yourself! 

Vegan Quinoa cakes with Crispy Tomatoes

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This dinner recipe is a quick preparation and super tasty for a light and healthy last meal of the day. Ingredients include white quinoa, lemon zest, fresh herbs, goat cheese, water, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, cumin seeds, salt, Italian parsley and granulated salt.


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Heavy boil the rinsed quinoa (white only) with salt, cumin, olive oil, garlic powder and herbs in the water for about 20 minutes approximately. Let the latter ingredients cook. Make sure no lumps are formed so as to facilitate the quinoa to bind properly for the later coming process. After these ingredients are cooked, stir them together and add parsley and the other herbs. After it cools down, make small and handy cakes out of the mixture. Without cracks in these cakes, place them in a tray to cool them down further by refrigerating them. After the cakes cool down you can bake them at about 400F and serve them with simple cherry tomato sauces and garnish them with more herbs.

Portobello Chipotle Vegan Tacos

These are beautiful looking super tasty vegan healthy dinner recipe. The ingredients include large portobello mushrooms, red bell pepper and an onion, canned chipotle dipped in Adobo sauce, Garlic clove, cumin, coriander and granulated salt along with a few tortillas.


In a preheated oven at around 425F, the portobello mushrooms along with the sliced bell peppers and sliced onion pieces are to be added. Marinade these ingredients and a few minutes later roast these ingredients until the mushrooms are tender. With optional additional garnishes, like cilantro or pickled onions serve them with the tortillas and you can optionally top them with some cilantro crema


Other simple dinner recipes include portobello vegan burgers, roasted ratatouille on sheet-pans, Indian vegan Frankies, Peruvian Burritos and the very tasty Indian vegan Biryani. These are extremely mouth-watering options for a vegan healthy dinner recipe. They are equally good in their taste even as good as the OG recipes and are great alternatives for a vegan in place of the original. These recipes are available online for further reference and can be tweaked and personalized according to the taste of the user.

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