Deciding Dishes For Dinner The Traditional Way

Deciding Dishes For Dinner The Traditional Way

We all enjoy different dishes for dinner every day.  However, cooking a gala dinner every night is not possible in many households. Mostly in cities, members of the family who cook also have jobs. Coming up with a dinner idea or cooking tasty dishes for dinner may seem difficult after a tiring day at work. For years, especially in the USA, people came up with an idea of deciding the dishes for dinner as per the weekdays. For example, many people eat Tacos on Tuesday, and they follow the same routine week after weeks. It may seem mundane, but it saves a lot of time and gives more extended periods for people to rest.

Dishes For Dinner: Monday

Traditionally, before the invention and availability of electronic machines like the washing machine, Monday was typically a washing day. People spent the day washing their week loads of clothes and garments. For this day they mostly cooked beans and rice as it was easy to cook unattended. It is a slow cooker dish without massive preparations.

Dishes For Dinner: Tacos Tuesday

It is still a tradition in most households to eat Mexican cuisine, Tacos on a Tuesday. Tacos are a Mexican dish where Mexican stuffing of meat, veggies, cheese, etc. served on a crisp base of a tortilla. The taco shells are available at grocery stores. One needs to prepare the stuffing, and the dinner is ready. People either go out or make them at home. 

Dishes For Dinner: Wednesday

Deciding Dishes For Dinner The Traditional Way
Deciding Dishes For Dinner The Traditional Way

It is customary in many households to prepare a spaghetti dish on a Wednesday night. Spaghetti nights are the most favorite because of the meatballs and other frills. The division of recipes for dinner according to days may sound absurd, but it is very convenient.

Thursday Night Dinner

Fridays are usually meat days. Moreover, to nullify or to balance the diet, people came up with a variety of soups and light dinner for Thursdays. It is soup night. People try to keep Thursdays light.

Friday Night Dinner

To celebrate the long holiday weekend, people plan their Friday meals. Often after work, people go out with friends and family and enjoy a good meal. Dishes for dinner mainly comprise of a meat dish accompanies with desserts.

Saturday Night Dishes

Deciding Dishes For Dinner The Traditional Way
Deciding Dishes For Dinner The Traditional Way

Baked beans, yes you read it right. Saturday nights were baked beans night in New England. Households and Saturday mostly followed it and dedicated it to baking. To avoid distractions and devote the day to cooking, cooks prepared beans for dinner. However, now it is not practiced everywhere, but some traditional households follow the ritual.

Sunday Dinner

With Monday blues already setting in, Sunday dinner is mostly skipped. People often enjoyed supper over dinner after a church day. Their supper included roasted meat like chicken, lamb, beef, etc. with boiled vegetables and gravy.


Dividing dinner like this makes cooking much more comfortable and stress-free. It made people more efficient.  This practice of deciding dishes as per the day became a ritual, and many households follow this ritual.

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