Easy Chicken Dinner Ideas That Is Not Only Delicious But Delicious Too

easy chicken dinner ideas for family

Whether it’s a fajita or steak on the grill, you will enjoy this classic food when you use these easy chicken dinner ideas for family.

Make Sure To Marinate Your Chicken Overnight

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To start with, make sure to marinate your chicken overnight. In addition to making them taste better, this also helps to remove any excess moisture. To make this easy chicken dinner ideas for family, you can marinade either the chicken or the marinade separately. I like to create a marinade that mixes ingredients to help the spices stick to the meat. The mixture can be spicy or mild, depending on your preferences.

Once you have marinated the meat, you will need to prepare the sauce. This easy chicken dinner ideas for family simply calls for a simple combination of tomato sauce and butter. You can add other items such as onions, bell pepper, garlic, or a combination of all of these items. Some recipes even call for barbecue sauce to be used instead of butter.

Very Delicious And Nutritious

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While this dish is simple and easy to prepare, it is very delicious and nutritious. As stated above, you can easily make the sauce from scratch using fresh vegetables. However, if you have a pre-made sauce available, you might want to try it first. If it is bland or does not go well with the chicken, simply follow the recipe to make more delicious sauce. You can also substitute cream for milk in this dish to make it taste better.

For easy chicken dinner ideas for family, you can make some extra barbecue sauce. Combine two teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoon of Italian style seasonings, and two tablespoons of your favorite salsa. Use your blender to mix it until the ingredients combine thoroughly. Then, save it in a zip lock bag and reheat it on the stove. If you wish to make it more delicious, you can refrigerate it until needed. Just make sure that when you store it in the fridge, you let it sit out at room temperature for a few hours before you use it.

Easy Chicken Fried Steak

Easy chicken fried steak is another one of many easy chicken dinner ideas for family. In this dish, you will need steak, breadcrumbs, chicken pieces, barbecue sauce, and any vegetables you desire. You can season your steak with your favorite herb or spice, such as garlic powder, onions, or Rosemary. Spread the breadcrumbs evenly on the bottom of the frying pan. Place the steak on top of the bread crumbs and allow it to be cooked in the oil for about two minutes.

Final Words

With these easy chicken dinner ideas, you can have a tasty meal that everyone will love. Keep the preparation process simple and take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This will give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family while enjoying a delicious meal that they will enjoy as well. So start cooking tonight and enjoy a mouth watering meal that your entire family will be raving about.

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