Fast Family Dinner Ideas That Can Impress All Family Members Equally -

Fast Family Dinner Ideas That Can Impress All Family Members Equally

fast family dinner ideas

Dinner is typically the social meal of the day. It is when the family is home and together. It is the most formal of the three meals and is a bonding experience for friends, families, or even your significant other, but sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to cook, and a takeout meal wouldn’t do. Here are some Fast Family Dinner Ideas.

Fast Family Dinner Ideas

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Take-out after a while can get boring, unhealthy, and expensive so, below is a list of easy to make dinner recipes that can be whipped out super-quickly with simple ingredients.

A pokè-bowl- this Japanese style dish is healthy, filling, and oh so easy to make. You need- a car – could be rice, white, brown or black or even quinoa or savory oats would suffice. You need a vegetable of your choice- it could be green beans, broccoli- stir-fried, and some protein – chicken, fish, turkey pork, or mutton, boiled or roasted will do. Cook everything separately and combine them into little bowls for everyone. Serve with wasabi or lemon juice to add flavor. This highly customizable dish is low effort and will win hearts.

More Fast Family Dinner Ideas

Tacos – all you need for these are soft or hard taco shells, some-chicken, some stir-fried vegetables, and some guacamole that you can quickly make by mashing an avocado and adding lemon juice to it. You can add cheese and store-bought salsa to keep it tasty but quick! Whip open a can of baked pinto beans, and it’s almost an authentic Mexican dinner.

Mac and cheese- no matter how sophisticated your pallet is, everyone enjoys a cheesy bowl of macaroni. Make sure to only use this idea in a highly informal setting of family and friends, because mac and cheese on a date or work dinner might get you some nasty looks!

Low-mien, this couldn’t be easier, boil some low-mien and season is with herbs, spices, and soy sauce, add vegetables and tofu and some minced chicken or lamb- and voila, you have a meal ready!

Pasta- puree some tomatoes to make alfredo sauce and add boiled pasta and veggies to create some quick comfort food!

Additional Tips

Present these quick meals in an aesthetically pleasing way to make it look like you put in more effort than you did! Chop up some salad, serve some hummus to get your guests a little filled up on snacks before the actual meal, and you will indeed receive praise for ‘all that hard-work’ you did in the kitchen. Sometimes, you may have no time to prepare a big meal, whether it’s because you’ve been busy, forgot, or like many of us are just plain lazy!


The above dishes may not be fancy, but it is the gesture of making a home-cooked meal that counts. Make sure to keep your pantry stocked with things like dry pasta, canned meats, and sauces for those dinner emergencies and your fridge full of cheeses to whip up a quick charcuterie platter. We hope this list gives you an idea.

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