Five Simple Keto Dinner Ideas For You

Keto Dinner Ideas Shrimp

Let me start by saying a big congratulations to you for joining switching to the keto diet. But then, did you just switched to the diet without knowing its health benefits, or you didn’t switch until after studying it. If you have studied the health benefits of the keto diet before switching to it, then you are very lucky I know you have already started feeling a change both physically and mentally after eating low card and high-fat foods.

As a welcome gift to the keto diet train, we have complied five simplest keto dinner ideas you can consider for lunch or dinner.

Keto kitchen salad

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I know you love chicken, that is why I put this at the first! You can prepare a keto chicken salad with chicken breasts, dill, mayo and brown mustard. This gives a subtle amount of fat with proteins per serving. To make this salad, you should first bake the chicken breasts and mix it with chicken salad ingredients, you can garnish your keto chicken salad with chopped pecans, chia seeds and cherry, Aside from garnishing your dish, these vegetables also boost fibre intake.

Keto cabbage and chicken bowl

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Do you have a leftover chicken in your fridge? Don’t worry, it will not go wasted as you can make an interesting keto meal with it. Just shred some cabbages and chopped some onions finely. Add them into a bowl together with the leftover chicken and top with mayonnaise. Spray some olive oil over the cabbage and season it.

Cheesy bacon and egg casserole

Making a cheesy bacon and egg casserole won’t be a bad idea as it will deliver all the proteins you need for the day. To make this simple keto dish, start by cooking and crumbling the bacon first. Next, whip your eggs with some whipping cream, seasoning, and sour cream. Next, arrange a bit layer of cheese on your baking dish and top it with the bacon and egg mixture. Bake until the edges turn brown. Don’t forget to garnish your casseroles with green onions and parsley before serving.

Creamy Garlic Chicken

This a simple yet delicious meal is for those who love garlic chicken. If you are one of them you should try this recipe! To make this dish, you should first cook your chicken breasts garlic brown and then mix it with heavy cream, grounded garlic, chicken broth, and cheese. Garnish this creamy garlic chicken with tomatoes, spinach, and Italian herbs to make it tastier. You can take it alone or serve it with pasta.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad

This is a salad with infused Mediterranean flavours that will leave your mouth watery. To make this tasty salad, prepare a marinade with the vinegar, avocado oil, dried basil, oregano, lemon juice and pepper balls. Marinate your chicken in this mixture and grill it with medium heat. After it is grilled, add it to a bowl of cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, olives and parsley. You can garnish this tasty salad with avocado slices or lemon wedges. You can also crumble some cheese on it.

As a beginner, you will find this keto lunch/dinner ideas as they are delicious, tasty and nutritious for a start in the keto journey

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