Keto Steak Dinner Ideas your Family will Love

A pan filled with meat and vegetables

No matter how far you’re into the keto life, you’ll have welcomed steak with open arms into your meal reportoire. Steak is full of protein and carb-free, making it the perfect ingredient to build your supper around. As an added bonus, it’ll feel like a special occassion every time you tuck in! Here are some delicious keto steak dinner recipes you can try.

Steak And Egg Burrito

Two hot dogs on a grill

A hand holds two halves of an egg burrito filled with steak and vegetable mix 

Steak and eggs for breakfast are a tried and tested friend of those on a low-carb diet. Recipe Champions has put his own twist on the classic with an egg burrito, and mouthwatering sauteed steak and mushrooms.

Chimichurri Flank Steak

A piece of cake sitting on top of a plate of food

An oval white plate holds slices of rare steak, drizzled over with chiichurri sauce. A wooden pot of the sauce sits on the right of the plate with a white spoon in it 

This hit of flavor from 40 Aprons is the perfect recipe for entertaining all of your keto (and non-keto) friends. It works well indoors or out on the grill, and you can make up the marinade and sauce ahead of time. Once that’s all ready, though, the actual cooking takes seconds!

Steak With Red Wine Pan Gravy

A round white plate sits on a blue cloth. On the plate is a bed of leaves wth 3 clices of steak on top. To the right of the plate is a wooden handled fork 

If you like your exercise, or you have a growing teenager in the house, then steak dinners are a great way of making sure everyone has the protein they need to build muscle. This steak recipe from Blog by Donna tastes good with cheaper cuts of steak as well as ribeye, so you’re sorted no matter you’re budget.

Steak And Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner

A partial shot of a baking tray filled with broccoli florets and steak. On the steak are two slabs of garlic butter 

Do you know how I feel about one-pot meals? Well, sheet pan dinners are one of my favorite ways to get everything on the table in one go, with minimal washing up! Hip2Keto has a great speedy supper recipe with delicious garlic caper butter. It will knock your socks off, and give you more time to catch up on Selling Sunset.

Steak And Eggs

On a wicker tray is a white and red cloth, on which rests a white plate. On the plate is a large steak and 2 fried eggs. 

I couldn’t do a round-up of all the best keto steak recipes without including the quintessential keto breakfast: steak and eggs. Maebells’ recipe is simple and delicious, taking only 10 minutes to prepare.

Salisbury Steak

A partial close up of a steak in gravy, and mashed potato 

Another ultimate comfort food dish here from That Low Carb Life. Salisbury steak is perfectly cooked meat covered in a rich gravy, and I am here for it! Place it on top of cauliflower mash, and enjoy the sauce mingling with everything on your plate.

So try these recipes with steak and go healthy!

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