Kid Friendly Vegan Dinner Ideas You Can Eat

kid friendly vegan dinner ideas

A kid friendly, easy to prepare and tasty vegan meal idea is a baked sweet recipe. Cheeseburger, macaroni and cheese and grilled macaroni and cheese are all popular comfort foods for kids.

Kid Friendly Vegan Dinner Ideas Include These Recipes

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Roasted beets with pita chips made with sunflower seeds to make a nutty snack. This recipe is great for a mom with children, as it is quick and easy. The same goes for this roasted beets macaroni and cheese. Serve the macaroni and cheese with fresh baked beets. This is one of the kid-friendly vegan recipes that you will want to try.

You can make your own vegetable soup in the blender. This soup is very healthy and the kids will love it. You can make a traditional vegetable soup or one that is more healthy using soy bean recipes. Some of the kid-friendly vegan dinner ideas for soups include: vegetable leek soup, vegetable ginger soup, squash soup, carrot and celery soup and bean chowder.

You may also know about some of the new kid friendly vegan recipes that have become popular lately. One is easy to make and healthy. It is a cauliflower pizza with broccoli florets on top. You can add different veggies to the pizza, such as radishes, onions, garlic and tomatoes to make it a unique dish that your guests will not know prepared from scratch.

Traditional Italian Salad

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There are other kid friendly vegetarian dinner ideas you might want to try. One is a traditional Italian salad. You can use tomato sauce, tomatoes, herbs and pesto. Another good idea is creating a vegetable and sausage soup using carrots, celery, potatoes, onions and a tomato base. This is a very good meal you can make for a big family that everyone will love.

Some other kid friendly vegan meals include finger sandwiches. You might want to try creating your own version of this popular sandwich for kids. You will only need about half of a loaf of bread and one cup of tomato sauce. Combine the tomato sauce and the chopped vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, broccoli and mushrooms, then mix in the egg, milk and cheese. Form the sandwich into a triangle and serve with tomato sauce, fresh bread and a side of toast.

Creating Your Own Kid Friendly Vegan Dinner Recipes

You can create your own kid friendly vegetarian meal by using vegetable noodles. You will just need a sauce made from soy sauce, white vinegar and water. Mix the tofu, bell peppers, onion, cilantro and green onions and add some minced garlic before simmering for about five minutes. When the sauce is ready, serve it on top of whole grain rolls or tortillas.

You can also create your own kid friendly vegetarian recipe using any combination of these foods that you know you can prepare. It doesn’t have to be a boring dinner. Create something unique for your kids and enjoy some time with them while still staying healthy. Your kids will love having a healthy meal and it will help them grow better eating food they enjoy.

If you are short on time, try to make a meal in the crock pot. Use your imagination and be creative. Start with a crock pot filled with vegetables including red bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, broccoli and cauliflower. If you don’t have a whole plant in your kitchen, you can still make a hearty, healthy meal for your kids by adding beans, rice, bean sprout and other colorful vegetables. Cook your dish until the beans are soft and you are able to eat it with your child.

You can make a simple and healthy entree such as baked potatoes. Just remember to use non-fat cream cheese and bake it in the oven. You can also steam vegetable based meals such as broccoli and carrots. Your kids will love the creamy texture and the way they are being cooked.

If your family eats meat and veggies, you should consider making your kid their favorite burger. They can get protein from their favorite veggie burger, along with plenty of nutrients. With your kid’s burger, you can still make it a healthy meal because they will be getting a good amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals as well. Make sure to mix the red and white peppers and onions so that they can give that satisfying kick.

Final Thoughts

One of my favorite meals that I serve my kids is a pasta salad. You can find a variety of pasta salads on the market that are very kid friendly. Kids love pasta, so this is a perfect meal that they are sure to love. To make it easy for them, you only need to combine chopped veggie with some cooked pasta. You can also add some cooked or frozen veggies if you like. It is a total family meal that everyone will enjoy.

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