Lifesaving Cheap Dinner Recipes

Lifesaving Cheap Dinner Recipes

You should look for cheap dinner recipes to make a manageable budget. It is not always possible to make lavish dinners daily. The one who is cooking has to look for ideas, which fit into the budget. You have to look for inexpensive food that will help save money and will be healthy too.

You can cut on expensive meat and whole grains and add fruits, vegetables, seeds, eggs, and beans in the meals.

Lifesaving Cheap Dinner Recipes
Lifesaving Cheap Dinner Recipes

List Of Cheap Dinner Recipes

1. Cheesy Calzones

It is not always possible to have pizzas every day. Try and have a bite of cheesy calzones, it tastes yum.

2.Chilli Cheese Dog

It can be easily made in the form of a baked casserole. All love the cheesy flavor.

3. One-pot garlic chicken and rice

Chicken completes the meal perfectly when served with rice. Sometimes this is what you want to have for dinner. It is affordable and delicious at the same time.

4. Microwave chicken enchiladas

It’s a restaurant-style dish which can be easily made at home in the microwave. Cheesy chicken is a treat for dinner.

5. Fried spaghetti

If you have leftover pasta in the fridge and you think it will go wasted, it is not valid. Toss pasta with garlic sauce and tomato sauce. Enjoy the fried spaghetti with a lot of mouthwatering flavors.

Lifesaving Cheap Dinner Recipes
Lifesaving Cheap Dinner Recipes

6.Mac and cheese- 

It is one of the most healthy and delicious recipes to make at home with very few ingredients. It makes you feel full.

7. Hot dog  fried rice

It is one more way to use all the things in the fridge. Use leftover rice, veggies, hot dog, eggs. Just mix them all with basic seasoning and enjoy hot dog fried rice at home.

8. Spinach and broccoli enchiladas

It is an authentic meatless meal filled with flavors and is very satisfying.

9. Cheesy tortellini with tomatoes and corn 

Corn, tomatoes, and basil add the flavor to this dish. It is best suited for picnics and small gatherings.

10. Spicy fish and olive spaghetti

A healthy portion of protein and fiber together can be combined into this dish. Whole green spaghetti tossed with garlic and tomato sauce and with tilapia tastes authentic.

Strategies For Eating Healthy In Budget

1. Plan your grocery list-

Plan the list of groceries you will need for a week. Scan your fridge first. This way, you can know what you already have in stock and purchase only you the stuff need when you are low on budget.

2.  Stick to the planed list

In the grocery store, stick to your planned list. Do not purchase things that you do not need for the week. It will only increase your budget.

3. Cook meals at home

It’s better to cook at home always. When you do so, you know you are eating healthy. Ordering food or eating out means you are increasing your expenses.

4. Try and use the leftover food

Never discard the leftover food. Use it in the form of salads, stews, or make stir-fries. 


Eating healthy can be quickly done on a low budget. Regularly, expensive dinners cannot be prepared. You have to look for cheap budget ideas for preparing meals, which are healthy as well as delicious.

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