Mouthwatering And Tasty Vegan Dinner Recipe Easy To Cook For Beginners

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Are you looking to cook some easy vegan dishes if you are a beginner? Do you feel cooking is a tough job? There are so many vegan dishes that you can cook quickly at your home. You can find many easy and quick-to-cook recipes which are suitable for your early morning or late-night cravings. While cooking vegan foods, you can eat various veggies and fruit, which are a great source of energy and nutrients. You can cook these vegan dinner recipes quickly without so much effort.

Let’s have a look over some of the vegan dinner recipes easy to cook, which you can quickly grab in your dinner, breakfast, or lunchtime. 

Rice & Beans For Vegan Dinner Recipe Easy

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It is one of the best combinations, which is cheaper and convenient. It is an excellent combination of rice like white, brown, red, black, and with kidney, black,  pinto, chickpeas, and lentils. You can even add some corn, salsa, avocado, hot sauce, bell pepper, and tomato. It will indeed have some great taste in the food. It contains lots of veggies and other stuff, which makes it a heavy food to fill your stomach. 

Filling Salads

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You would always love the food with some sumptuous fillings. This filling could be made up of mashed potatoes or some pre-cooked grains. You can keep it with you in a fridge for a longer time. Then whenever you make any dish, you can add this feeling to it. You can get a great taste with it. 

Veggie Wraps

These are easy, and quick-to-cook veggie wraps. You would have a great taste with some healthy food. You can make tortillas or bread and fill them with some veggies, sauces, mayonnaise, and other kinds of stuff. You can even give it a nice flavor by adding some tofu, corn, and grains of your own choice. You could have it for breakfast if you had any leftovers from your dinner last night. 

Soups And Stews

If you want to grab something light but full of stomachs, you can have a soup or stew. It would help you in smooth digestion, and you would love the taste as well. You can make a soup of lentils, carrots, potatoes and many more. You can add some flavors to the soup by adding some herbs, curry, and different sauces. 


If you have a tight schedule and want to have something refreshing and healthy, then you can have a smoothie. You can prepare the smoothie by adding some fruit like banana, mango, or cherries with some cream and sweetness. You can have it either in breakfast, lunch, or dinner as it is a vegan dinner recipe easy to cook. You can prepare it in a few minutes. 


After knowing so many vegan dinner recipes that are easy to cook, you can prepare a tasty and healthy dish for you without any meat or chicken. Being a beginner, these dishes can be a great cooking start for you. These are easy to cook and can be cooked at home with some readily available ingredients.

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