Vegan Dinner Party Ideas That Are Too Fancy For Your Table

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Whenever someone is invited to a vegan party, people consider that you will serve them something nasty. However, that is not the case. Vegan food can be delicious and look fancy too. Further, it has lots of health benefits. Here are some vegan dinner party ideas that will make your dinner party a great hit.

Vegan Mini Blinis with Carrot Lox

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The famous Russian canape typically features caviar, cream cheese o salmon. But you can easily prepare this recipe in a vegan form using carrot lox. Further, it turns out to be all the more delicious by the use of fresh herbs.

Sweet Potatoes Canapes

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Now, this little dish is taken from a famous Indian snack chaat. It is often a mixture of puffed rice, beans, and lentils mixed with onions, tomatoes, and several chutneys. You can even use BBQ sauce here. It tastes different, and your guests will surely relish this dish.

Spinach Mini Vegan Quiches

This dish is adorable and is an excellent option for parties. In this particular dish, the typical quiche’s thick pastry is replaced with a lighter phyllo shell. Further, you can fill this with spinach and anything fancy that you like.

Chocolate & Balsamic Roasted Beets

You might think that chocolate and beets together make for a sickening combination. But these two together make for a great variety. Moreover, you can even prepare red velvet cake using roasted beets.

However, as a side dish, it is a great thing that your guests will relish and enjoy. Trust me. You will be praised and admired for this dish.

Vegan Pate

There’s nothing extraordinary than some warm bread or crackers with a little pate smeared on top, and this pate will be a real crowd-pleaser, even with non-vegans. Further, you can make it even more elegant by garnishing it with pine nuts or some herbs.

Mushroom Bruschetta

This dish is straightforward to make. Further, it tastes delicious. Under this dish, the crostini bites are topped with a mixture of savory mushrooms. Also, the mushrooms are glazed with balsamic vinegar.

Sweet Onion Tarts With Cream Cheese & Thyme

Now, who else is drooling looking at these delicious tarts? This is one of my favorite fancy vegan recipes! Sweet onions are slow-cooked and then added to vegan cream cheese. Further, the tarts are topped with a balsamic glaze and lots of thyme. The result is a flaky tart that oozes deliciousness with every bite.

Ravioli With Beetroot Filling

Now, the bright pink hue of this pasta is from beetroot, and the color and sweet-yet-savory flavor will truly surprise your guests as they bite into these. These also happen to be gluten-free, which is great if you’re catering to those with gluten allergies.

Black Eyed Sweet Potato Sliders

Burgers can be damn fun as well as messy to eat. This is the reason that these tiny little sliders are perfect for fancy dinner parties. They’re super small and cute and can easily be munched from a napkin.


So these were some of the vegan food ideas that you can easily prepare for your dinner parties. All of these recipes will make you a star at dinner parties.

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