Vegan Roast Dinner Ideas You Will Love

vegan roast dinner ideas

Are you in for something roasted during dinner time? If the answer to this question is yes, then you would love to make these items at home. Again you might think that there is no veg option when it comes to tasty roasted foods. But you could not have been more wrong. In fact, there are numerous began roast dinner ideas, and you are sure to like each one of them. We have some of these ideas to give you, and we are sure you will like it. So what are you waiting for?

Italian Style Roast Cabbage-Vegan Roast Dinner Ideas

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This is an amazing roasted dish that you will like to have, and team it up with tomato and other lentils. The centerpiece will be a roasted cabbage, and it should be crispy and full of flavors. The center will have a soft sweet filling, and the dish will be completed with golden potatoes that have been baked with butter. The total time to make this dish is 1 hour 45 minutes, and it is a perfect vegan recipe that you can try.

Vegan Stuffing

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Just like the non-vegetarians have meatballs, you can also have the same dish with the stuffing of your favorite veggies. You can add the ingredients like linseeds, pecans, hazelnuts, and a lot more. The classic dish is mouthwatering and will take less than an hour to make the same. Even a beginner can make it but make sure that you do not roast the balls too much.

Harissa And Marmalade Roasted Roots

This is a very unique dish that you can try and make at home, and it has a very sweet taste. It is not sugary but instead something like caramel, and you can bring out the fruity flavor in the perfect manner. The rose harissa is too delicate, so make sure you are a bit careful while cooking the same. The total time for main git is one hour, and it is gluten-free – which is a piece of good news for all the health freaks out there.

Her Infused Roast Potatoes-Vegan Roast Dinner Ideas

Do your roasted potatoes always seem to be bland in taste? The only thing missing should be a sprinkle of herbs, which will bring out a burst of flavor. It is going to be a great dish during the festive season, and you can even make it at the weekends for everyone in your family to enjoy. The total time you need to make it is 1 hour 40 minutes, and it is quite easy to make. Besides, it is also a gluten-free snacking idea that you can have any time you want.

Stir Fry Cumin Carrot-Vegan Roast Dinner Ideas

You can never imagine how tasty a roasted carrot can be. Try out the stir fry cumin carrot, which will give you a burst of flavor, and complete it with lemon, shallow, and coriander. This is an amazing side dish that you can have with rice or bread- you can even have it during the weekends, and you only need 20 minutes to complete the dish.

Bottom Note

Apart from all that we have already mentioned, you can also try roasted cauliflower as well as roast thyme vegetables. Go grab the ingredients now.

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