Vegetarian Dinner Recipes For Your Family

veg recipe for dinner

It’s so easy to find a good new recipe for dinner. With the variety of vegetables on the market, it can be hard to know what to choose. If you’re not too fussy with your diet, there is nothing to worry about. Just be aware that some of the more exotic ingredients can be expensive. If you’re lucky, you can find a nice vegan recipe for dinner that is both tasty and budget friendly.

An Overview

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The sweet potato is a familiar sight on Indian and African menus. Sometimes you will see peshawari or congee on the table. Both of these dishes are made from dehydrated brown sugar. They are low calorie, filling, and mouth watering. Chickpeas, potatoes, sweet potatoes and peas make a great base for any number of different vegetarian main course recipes.

If you are eating in an upscale restaurant, the dining experience may include stir fried vegetables. Sweet potato and rice soup are a popular choice. The healthy ingredients and healthy balance of the dish will keep you coming back for more. And when it comes to the main course, a baked potato is almost always a favorite.

Top Recipes

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If you like creamy vegetable soup, roasted potatoes or peas with carrots and onion to make a delicious part of a new recipe for dinner. With the right choices of vegetable, spice, and seasonings, you can make a delicious soup. An addition of cream or milk can change the texture slightly, making the rice or potato blend into a smooth creamy soup.

My mom makes some of the best vegetable soup I’ve ever had. I’m sure if you try her recipe, you’ll love it as much as I do. I have a few recipes listed at the end of this article that are based on my mom’s classic recipe.

Many people think that dinner recipes we involves only vegetables. This is not the case. Although I don’t recommend adding meat to the mix (there’s enough of that in my diet), a variety of meats and seafood is a great way to round out your meal. For example, if you are having meat, seafood, or chicken as the main meat in your meal, consider a creamy bean soup. Or, a hearty stew with brown rice and beans.

Make Some Different Recipe

If you are having a night out with family, the options for dinner recipes are endless. An easy new recipe for dinner for those on a diet would be to create a simple yet tasty bowl of pasta, add some sauce, and a little bit of dried beans. An easy dinner for a family with picky eaters could be delicious spaghetti squash, with some meatballs and sausages added for a satisfying meal. Or, a delicious stew of carrots, onions, potatoes and beans. And last but not least, the traditional main dish is always a delicious chicken or beef.

Other meal ideas for dinner recipes we include things like a quick wild rice pilaf with some carrots and chickpeas, or a tasty lentil soup. You might like to try a creamy bean soup, with some cherry tomatoes and some baby tomatoes too. One of my favorites is to take leftover meat and bake in a banana bread crust. This makes a nutritious and healthy alternative to meat loaf and cheese loaf.

Main Course Meals

Of course, one of the main course meals you can prepare for dinner recipes includes the standard favourites of lasagna, stew, curry and soup. However, there are also a number of side dishes you might like to try if you have any leftovers. For example, did you know that a quick oven baked pasta is a wonderful alternative to using store bought noodles? I personally love pasta cooked with fresh vegetables, and you might like to try a spinach & mushroom omelette, with broccoli & mushroom sauce for a healthy and satisfying meal.

Some other wonderful dinner recipes we include a hearty lentil dal, a vegetarian Dal Masala or Baba Ganouj, or Baba Ghanouj – a very popular traditional Indian side dish that includes chick peas, carrots, and mushrooms. If you are serving a curry at the table, for an authentic Indian taste, try an authentic Indian vegetable dal like Baba Ghanouj or a creamy coconut cream dal with sauteed onions and spices for a delicious and sumptuous main course. Alternatively, why not have a delicious meal served with rice and tandoori chickpeas as a starter to a traditional Indian main course?


Other main course foods you might like recipes for include paneer, pickle, rasam, char-roast and char-grilled meat. You can’t go wrong with vegetables and fruits when it comes to preparing paneer or rasam because these are both simple, flavorful and healthy. For char-grilled meat, I would recommend kebabs with tandoori sauce. For a vegetarian, I would recommend lentil kebabs with tandoori sauce. The important thing to remember is to have plenty of different side dishes prepared with your main course vegetable so that you can build a nutritious, balanced meal that the whole family will enjoy!

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