Vegetarian Family Dinner Ideas To Know

Vegetarian Family Dinner Ideas

Vegetarian families have a good number of delicious dishes on their menu no matter what! They have many vegetables to experiment with and enjoy vegetarian meals. Apart from the vegetables, they indulge in preparing meals with mushrooms, corn, sometimes unripened fruits like bananas. Here is a list of some cool Indian recipes that every vegetarian family should try to enjoy the taste of food to the maximum. Dinner recipes that every vegetarian family should try!

Tips To Play With Vegetarian Food

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1. If you have that vegetarian family who loves Paneer, then what are you waiting for;

You have like 100 different recipes on the internet with varying paneer combinations

with other vegetables. Some Indian recipes are Palak Paneer or paneer butter masala with Roti; if you don’t prefer Rotis, you can try Paneer fried rice, paneer Lasooni which you can try with both rice and Roti. In case your vegetarian family wants to try something like continental for dinner, check out the recipes like a hot dog using Paneer and potato, paneer and vegetable sandwiches, etc.

2. In case you are tired of Paneer, then you have to taste Mushroom and its dishes. Some famous recipes in India are creamy butter garlic mushroom, which by default tastes super and goes with both Rotis and rice. Another easy recipe is the Tandoori

mushroom recipe; it tastes so good that your taste buds are delighted. Hey, continental food lover, one recipe you must try is mushroom stroganoff, which is super tasty.

3. Want to experiment with some vegetables and combine them with malai paneer? Then you have the best result, Koftas. These are tiny balls of grated potato and malai Paneer mixed with required spices and a little of the flour, deep-fried in oil, and then added into the masala gravy to give the pinch of some soft stuff under your teeth. Back to continental food lovers, you can try adding a little Chinese flavor and make koftas yum!

4. When your vegetarian family is bored with vegetables, they should try something

called soya chunks. These are legumes naturally which are proteinaceous. They are best suited for Rotis and sometimes go with rice also much. Some of the best recipes for soya chunks are soya keema, soya pulao, soya biryani, etc. If you want to enjoy something non-Indian, try the recipe, general TSOs Tempeh, which is easy to make and tasty equally.

5. Tofu is another product similar to Paneer slightly in texture but made from soy milk, converted into curd and finally getting only the curd solids. Those solids are called Tofu. Indian style of cooking Tofu can be easy and a little spicy, like the tofu butter masala, pepper tofu, etc. Continental recipes include crispy baked Tofu, veg broccoli tofu recipe, etc. Vegans do eat tasty food without meat!


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Finally, I would like to conclude that it doesn’t matter if you belong to a vegetarian family or non-vegetarian. All that is important if you are enjoying your food or not! So experiment, enjoy, and eat happily. All the above are the best dinner ideas for vegetarian families.

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