Vegetarian Restaurants in Hollywood

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What People Are Saying About Vegetarian Friendly Food At Nourish. It s a great spot to explore vegetarian choices, especially if you’re looking to add healthier alternatives to your usual diet. Everything here is organic, fresh, well crafted and fairly priced. Great customer service, perks and a pretty, clean environment.

Located in the heart of Downtown Disney Area, next to BoardWalk Inn. The atmosphere of this restaurant is casual yet elegant. There are only a few tables inside, but they are very comfortable and neatly tucked away. The vegetarian meal options are fantastic. From sandwiches to a variety of different pastas, the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly.

There are many entrees on their menu that are considered “vegan friendly.” They offer a variety of meatless dishes that are both delicious and satisfying. You can also satisfy your taste buds with their non-fried appetizers, salads and pasta dishes. You can also choose to have your vegetarian meal served entirely on rice. If you are feeling adventurous, try the grilled vegetable tray.

An Overview

My favorite meals have always been those provided by Pies Can’t Eat. This restaurant offers the most creative vegan recipes around. I’m always impressed when I see new vegan cookbooks or websites pop up, because it makes finding recipes so much easier. Not only are the recipes creative but the flavors are out of this world. One of my favorites is their spinach artichoke quesadilla.

If you love pasta, then you are going to love this restaurant. Their creamy garlic Alfredo sauce is the perfect way to end a meal for vegetarians or meat-eaters. Of course, nothing can beat the classic meatloaf, which is available in either a vegetarian version or a meatloaf version. Their other dishes include their amazing baked potato and mushroom omelet, their vegetarian lasagna and their tasty vegetable ratatouille. Even though I love pasta, I could never make a meal at Pies Can’t Eat that didn’t include one item from their menu.

While in Hollywood, California, my friends and I often stopped at an Asian restaurant called Momofeng. It wasn’t until we had already ordered our food that I learned about the true meaning of a vegetarian diet. The decor was beautiful, the dishes were delicious and the prices are reasonable. We would definitely go back if we were in Hollywood again.

Restaurants in Hollywood

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If you are in Hollywood, go to Tsunami Bar and grill. This restaurant serves authentic Filipino dishes made right in front of you. There is absolutely nothing like the crunchy vegetables and sweet peppers that come from a traditional Filipino recipe. While there are many other fantastic restaurants in Hollywood, you will want to try these.

While eating at the restaurant, you should also consider how you can help support the animals that are provided for your meal. At each table, you can buy small plates, cups and bowls to take home. These are animal friendly and make a great donation to the Humane Society. If you would like to have a table just for you and a vegetarian, check out the Pots and Pans restaurant in Hollywood. While it may not offer the flavor that you desire, it will provide you with a healthy alternative to beef and pork.

While at this restaurant, you can find a number of vegetarian-friendly menu items, as well as vegan options. In addition, they serve an incredible array of different pasta dishes, as well as some delicious desserts. At this establishment, vegetarians will feel right at home. There are even some great vegetarian-friendly restaurants located all throughout Hollywood.

Some other restaurants that offer a wonderful vegetarian meal for people in Hollywood include Baby’s on Broadway and La Dolce Vita in West Hollywood. The vegetarian meals offered at Baby’s on Broadway are some of the most popular vegetarian meals in Los Angeles. La Dolce Vita in West Hollywood offers a delicious lasagna that has a bean-based sauce. Both of these restaurants have a long history of providing excellent vegetarian food to their customers. With the recent surge of organic foods and other specialty menus, it is hard to find a restaurant in Hollywood that does not offer vegetarian food.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a great meal, you have several options. Some of the more popular places to find vegetarian food in Hollywood are Baby’s on Broadway, La Dolce Vita, and The Union Jack in West Hollywood. No matter what you are in the mood for, you can generally find a restaurant in Hollywood that can fulfill your needs. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you will enjoy the wide selection of dishes that are offered. After you find the restaurant that suits your taste and budget, you will be on your way to a memorable meal in Hollywood.

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