Yummy Family Dinner Ideas

yummy family dinner ideas

When hosting a family dinner, you should keep in mind the food choices and preferences of each one. You obviously do not want some members to relish their dinner, while some only peck at it, do you? Well, even if that means cooking separate items for each one, you should put in that effort. The family should say that it was a yummy dinner and they should enjoy their meals. Here are some dishes that are favorites of many and you will not have a lot of problem cooking these.


A bunch of food sitting on top of a wooden table

Bruschetta is a famous Italian appetizer that is has also gained some popularity down the line. Tasty tomato and olive oil topping on a French toast is a great alternative to our garlic bread. This healthy and tasty snack has many variations.

Quick Recipe

Toast some bread in an oven. When lightly crisp, add chopped tomatoes and olive oil. Garnish with fresh herbs and serve.


A pizza sitting on top of a pan

The universal favorite, pizza can be made in many different ways. The world has converted this humble pizza to their own regional flavors. Basically, it is bread roasted in wooden or clay oven garnished with vegetables, sauces, meat and lots of cheese.


Everyone loves the Italian pasta. It is a dish made from boiled flour dough, cut and shaped in various ways. You boil the pasta and then mix it in various kinds of vegetable sauces. There are umpteen variations of pasta recipes and each one tastes unique and distinct. It is also a party favorite the world over.

Oatmeal Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes

Who says pancakes are to be eaten only for breakfast? Try these simple recipes that can be your savior for fussy family members. This meal is power-packed with nutrients. Just whip up this gluten-free snack to make fluffy pancake meal. You can also add bananas, oats, vanilla and some blueberries to make it healthier.

Cheddar-Garlic Grits with Fried Eggs

Cheesy grits with fried eggs is a delicious and healthy meal. Just cook your grits in water instead of milk to maintain the calorie content. You can also omit the butter if you do not want to have a heavy meal. But do add the cheddar in the end, as it makes the dish gooey and delicious. Cheddar also provides with the required amount of calcium. Add eggs in the end and garnish with chopped chives to get that oniony flavor.

Salade de Coeurs d’Artichauts à l’Orange

Artichokes are not only healthy for your body but they make an interesting ingredient owing to their unique flavor. This healthy salad with artichokes, oranges and radishes tastes divine and feels quite refreshing.

These are some recipes that definitely make for yummy family dinner ideas. We have included pizzas, pastas, pancakes, salads, egg dish and such other items that can be relished by all. Your bruschetta can serve as an appetizer.

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